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Who we  are


That’s just part of what makes NCA Dynamics stand out from the crowd of Navision partners.

Cristian Nicola starts his "love affair" with NAV at the Navision headquarters in Denmark. There, he also works on the support team and learns the ins and outs of the financial applications and database customizations.

Already 5 years of expertise when the product is rebranded into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and becomes more popular in the United States.

  • More than 20 years of expertise

  • A growing team

  • Adding value to our clients by specializing also in Power BI


Navision company is acquired by Microsoft and becomes part of the Microsoft Business Solutions family.

NCA Dynamics is founded by Cristian Nicola with the main goal of providing implementation, development and upgrade services to NAV clientes directly or through NAV resellers.

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