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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Market Analysis


Why choose us?

NCA Dynamics does everything the standard Microsoft Partners do without the red tape and layers of additional costs that are passed down to the customers. 

There are no high-pressure salespeople in our organization, our consultants write the proposals as well as being the people who deliver the services, which not only minimizes any communication issues but also ensures a clear chain of responsibility.

NCA Dynamics

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Our plus

    Access to the top, support and trust.   

Access to the company's founder,

Cristian Nicola.

Quality support means the fastest possible response time.

Your call for support will never be handled by “the next available agent.”

More than 20 years of experience working with Microsoft Dyanmics NAV


Making customers happy by making sure that nothing ever falls through the cracks. 

Our goal

More than 20 years of experience working with Microsoft Dyanmics NAV

Growing companies, from small to mid-sized to enterprise, up to 500 users.

Our clients

From implementation to configuration and customization, from problem-solving to training and support. 

Add project management and you get:

A one-stop shop for Dynamics NAV.


Accounting, finances, supply chain and and operations management for multi-language, multi-currency companies around the world


How is it to work with us?

     When you work with NCA Dynamics, you're working with a team you can trust to be responsive, reliable and available.

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