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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Power BI – What’s New - Issue 19

Get It Now! What Is Custom Vision and How Does It Work?​

Let’s say that your company uses NFC chips to detect the movements of components between your warehouse and production floor. Instead of attaching NFC chips to everything, just take a picture every time you use a component. The system will automatically recognize the component and log it.

Anniversary Update! Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Preview

In this update, you’ll find changes and improvements in the following areas: debugger, method overloading, control add-ins, and working with camera. Also, a number of additional system and virtual tables have been unblocked for extension development.

Design Wizards for html Clients in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Now Available! The Reddit Solution Template

It’s a new suite of Power BI solution templates for brand management and targeting on Reddit through a third-party API relationship with SocialGist. These templates complement existing brand-oriented solution templates that are already available for Twitter, Facebook, and Bing News.

Released! On-Premises Data Gateway December Update

This month’s Gateway update includes an updated version of the Mashup Engine, which matches the one released as part of the Power BI Desktop December update. Also included are a number of bug fixes and improvements to previously released features.

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