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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Power BI – What’s New - Issue 3

Released! The Latest Edition of the NAVDiag Tool

New in this edition is the code coverage which has been added to supplement the steps recording function in last version. The Record Steps action will now start both step recorder and code coverage, and export the output when completed.

Handling Database Collations during Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrades

Great post about how collations might change during an upgrade from a Dynamics NAV 2009 database to Dynamics NAV 2013, why they change, and how to determine the destination collation. Plenty of screenshots to help you through the process.

How Do I:Embed Power BI Reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

ZoomCharts Take Power BI to the Next Level

As of May 16th, Power BI users can add ZoomCharts to reports and dashboards. With ZoomCharts it’s easier than ever before to explore, present and analyze data. What’s more, full multi-touch support will make interaction seamless across all of your devices.

Now Available for Download! Power BI Report Server Preview

Now you can create beautiful, interactive reports and publish reports to the Power BI Report Server. You can also view and interact with reports in your Web browser or in Power BI Mobile on your phone or tablet. Once launched, most Power BI report features will be supported.

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